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Anxiety in Sport

It is not always about just having a confidence crisis – although obviously that is not uncommon, and once it happens it can be a slippery slope if it isn't sorted out (which of course we can) - but it is the issue of 'Fear' that is the absolute game changer.

Fear, in some degree, is experienced by everyone in sport.

Anyone in the midst of potentially losing, or gaining, anything, from a title, to a single match, or in fact just their reputation, will feel it - and this is where this style of work can really make an impact.

A traditional Performance Coach would only work on a conscious level, and would be discussing how you feel. This work can actually 'change' how you feel.

Traditional sports coaching is looking at the technical side - this is creating the mindset needed to be in that top percentile.

'Fear' of missing out, 'Fear' of losing, 'Fear' of looking stupid, 'Fear' that you aren't as good as you believe you are, 'Fear' of letting people down - the common theme here is obvious.

So this is where I come in… I can stop that fear.

We work with the brain processes - and that is a really important distinction here, in that we are working with the brain, not the mind.

So when there is a ‘Perceived threat’ – the primitive brain, produces adrenaline; a helpful hormone when it comes to fear, as it helps keep you alive, but it also has the ability to suspend both logic and reason.

A valuable hormone in the day when we often came face to face with a sabre-toothed tiger. Instead of having around to consider if the tiger looked hungry, you just got the hell out of there - not so helpful in your

Sports Performance

Many high-achieving sports professionals already employ coaches and personal trainers to support their mental game.

In general a sports Psychologist will usually work with you using a number of techniques including visualisation, NLP, CBT and other different techniques.

Sarah works with unique combination of neuropsychology and neuroplasticity that achieves peak brain performance.

This happens by creating new neural pathways that allow her client to respond differently to any given situation, in particular high pressure environments.

This regulates their emotions, which in turn optimises brain function to operate more effectively.

Sarah works closely with each client to ensure she understands their objectives and priorities.

Whether the desired outcome is to build confidence, remove ‘Imposter Syndrome’ or limiting self beliefs and values, create more self-belief, dissolve anxiety, improve focus and concentration or create the ability to control emotions in the key matches or 'big moments'.

At every point the results can be felt instantly. Tangible differences are immediately obvious for the client and continue to show through into daily lives.

Previous clients testify to the impact not only on their performance, but also on their personal life.

Sessions can be delivered via video call, or face-to-face.

If you are nervous, distracted, over-whelmed, over-thinking your game, unable to recover from mistakes, trying too hard or just lacking in confidence this gets you in the best mental state to get your personal best when it matters the most.

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